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What I’m Reading Now: The Impossible Contract

An assassin’s reputation can mean life or death.This holds especially true for Thana Basbowen, daughter of the legendary Serpent, who rules over Ghadid’s secret clan of assassins. When a top-tier contract drops in her lap ― death orders against foreign ambassador Heru Sametket ― Thana seizes the opportunity.Yet she may be in over her head. Heru wields blasphemous powers against his enemies, and Thana isn’t the only person after his life: even the undead pursue him, leaving behind a trail of horror. Her mission leads her on a journey to… Read more What I’m Reading Now: The Impossible Contract

What I’m Reading Now: Silver in the Wood

There is a Wild Man who lives in the deep quiet of Greenhollow, and he listens to the wood. Tobias, tethered to the forest, does not dwell on his past life, but he lives a perfectly unremarkable existence with his cottage, his cat, and his dryads.When Greenhollow Hall acquires a handsome, intensely curious new owner in Henry Silver, everything changes. Old secrets better left buried are dug up, and Tobias is forced to reckon with his troubled past—both the green magic of the woods, and the dark things that rest… Read more What I’m Reading Now: Silver in the Wood

Lord of Secrets Release Day!!

Today’s the day! Lord of Secrets is available to purchase. You, too, can meet Corcoran Gray, Anxious Wizard Who Is Bad At Adulting, and Jaern, Glam Litch Murder Boi. Seriously, though, I’m really happy to introduce the world to my book, and I hope you enjoy it. Head on over to Twitter, where I’m having a release day par-tay!!

What I’m Reading Now: We Rule The Night

What would you sacrifice to protect your country, your family, and your friends? What would you do if you couldn’t protect all of them? These are the questions at the center of We Rule The Night by Caire Eliza Bartlett, a book that was so very good that I’m going to have to make a lot of lists in the course of this review to handle all my feelings. Here’s the cover copy: Seventeen-year-old Revna is a factory worker, manufacturing war machines for the Union of the North. When she’s… Read more What I’m Reading Now: We Rule The Night

What I’m Reading Now: The Perfect Assassin

Do you get cold when you’re reading books that happen in the Arctic, or get the creepy-crawlies when you read about ants? Then maybe you want to have a glass of water nearby when you start today’s book, which you ought to do at the first possible opportunity. Divine justice is written in blood. Or so Amastan has been taught. As a new assassin in the Basbowen family, he’s already having second thoughts about taking a life. A scarcity of contracts ends up being just what he needs. Until, unexpectedly,… Read more What I’m Reading Now: The Perfect Assassin


I am so thrilled to announce that my debut novel, Lord of Secrets, is going to be published next year (2019) by the amazing Jo Fletcher Books. You can bet that as soon as I have cool information for you (like a cover! whee!) you will hear about it here. In the meantime, I’m off to bake a cake!

What I’m Reading Now: Trail Of Lightning

What if all the stories started to come true? That’s what the hero of Trail of Lightning, Maggie Hoskie, has to face.  Living in the land of Dinè (what used to be called the Navajo reservation), Maggie is one of the few with the wits, training, and grit to face the monsters that roam the world since an apocalyptic earthquake flooded most of the former United States.  As if that wasn’t tricky enough, she also has to maintain working–and sometimes personal–relationships with a couple of demigods. It’s difficult to be… Read more What I’m Reading Now: Trail Of Lightning

What I’m Reading Now: Rotherweird

  The mysterious town of Rotherweird lies cut off from the rest of England, independent but ignorant of its own past–a past which includes a set of exiled Tudor genius kids as founders. A new history teacher is hired at the Rotherweird school at the same time as its ancient manor is bought by a shady new owner, and things start getting very strange indeed. Summing up any more of the intricate plot is difficult without giving spoilers, so instead I’ll try to talk abou the feel of the novel.… Read more What I’m Reading Now: Rotherweird